• At MC Farmaceutical we keep tight control of our production costs so that those savings can be passed along to the patient. When comparing cost per millgram of medicine we are the most economical choice.
  • We are the breeders of a rare high THCV strain, blending it into our THC and CBD products to provide the beneficial 'entourage' effect. This effect describes how different cannabinoids in cannabis interact with each other to give an effect that is “greater than the sum of its parts”. 

Medicinal Blends

THCV Capsules

THCV Capsule label

We are one of only a handful of breeders who have a THCV strain. THCV has shown promise in pre-clinical studies as a potential treatment for obesity, diabetes and related metabolic disorders.

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RSO THC Full Spectrum

RSO Oil label

Our RSO Full Spectrum blend includes THCV plus other minor Cannabinoids (see Test Results) for a better entourage effect.

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CBD Capsules

CBD Capsule label

Our CBD is produced exclusively from our Cannabis Sativa Strain. After extraction we blend it with MCT Oil for a full spectrum dose. Ratios of CBD to THC will vary among batches.

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THCVa Capsules


THCVa is the NON psychoactive form of THCV. As a matter of fact whenever you see the 'a' at the end it will represent the non psychoactive element in the product.

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RSO CBD Full Spectrum


Strong potency for medicinal patients.

60 milligrams of THC Full Spectrum oil in each capsule. Price per milligram is extremely competitive

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A 1 to 1 ratio for those seeking a high Medicinal dose with the moderating effects of CBD.

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