Research and Partners


Developing new methods for Cannabinoid therapies

 We are working with Medical professionals and an FDA certified Research Lab  to develop and administer new strains that will produce higher percentages of Cannabinoids to legally and economically deliver this important drug to patients. Our private Research and Conservation growing area is devoted to the goal of patient wellness without toxic chemicals. 

Recent Article on our Group

New Cannabinoid Research

 We have an active breeding program that is focused on new cannabinoids such as our THCV and increasing the non-psychoactive properties in our  CBD.  

Liposomes for greater Bioavaoilability

We are working  with Lippomix Formulations to develop  Cannabinoid Therapies that incorporate Liposome Technology.  Liposome Technology works by utilizing liposomal micro spheres to deliver the ingredient, meaning directly into the cells within the body. 

Water Saving Growing Techniques

 As the West Coast continues to experience longer and more frequent droughts we are researching water saving growing methods, many that date back to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, and combine them with modern day materials and processes. We have found some sites can cut water use by up to 74% compared to conventional methods. 


 Not only can you use Cannabis Sativa to make dozens of sustainable products, from clothing, skateboards to medicine, but it can also help heal the earth.  As the human population grows, so do our need for more land to grow the crops that keep us fed. But our dependence on fossil fuels and dirty industrial processes have left a lot of land too toxic to sustain life. That’s where the rapidly growing field of “bioremediation” can be vital. We are experimenting with different growing and soil conditions to document Cannabis' amazing ability to 'clean' the soil of contaminants. 

Seedz for Beez

 We started a 'Seedz for Beez' program a few years ago and will continue to plant Bee friendly plants that are chemical free to help the local Bee populations to survive and hopefully thrive. Seeds harvested from the previous year's grow are given to anyone with an interest and a place to grow these plants out. Our enviornment's in trouble and under attack so the more we can do to help it the healthier we will all bee!